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Airship of Doom | By Alex Koshelkov

Everything You Need To Know About Royalty Free Photography And Stock Images

Royalty Free (RF) is a form of license that stock photography agencies use to sell stock images to users. The license accords the buyer pre-determined rights to utilize the picture in several ways after paying a set, one-time fee. So, contrary to what the name suggests royalty free photography does not involve the use of free photos. On paying the charges, the purchaser is free to use the images for multiple projects such as for campaigns, print media, and much more without incurring additional costs. 

Does RF Restrict Use to One Person in a Firm?

No! The RF license allows the buyer to extend use to workers of the company under which the photos were purchased. The company is, therefore, free to use the images with all its staff members thus building continuity in its brand campaign. Regardless of the number of employees, the firm still pays a fixed one-time fee, a feature that enables businesses to save a lot of money in the long run.

The Underlying Concept

The user acquires the right to utilize the Stock Photos in some ways; the license does in no way give the purchaser the right to the photo itself. The stock photographer who took the picture retains the right to its ownership. As such, he or she retains the copyright; the official term that point to the ownership of images and other intellectual creations. Hence, the photographer is free to sell their work several times over to earn more income.

Characteristics of Royalty Free Images

Royalty Free come with outstanding rights and limitations that apply to most stock images. Note, though, that the agencies specify their terms in their various licenses hence cautiously reading through them reveal specific restrictions; the following is a guide only.


RF license is exclusively entitled to the purchaser (which can be an individual or business). So, after buying the stock image, you must not share it with anyone else, resell it or even gift it to a friend. No other user is allowed to legally utilize the image apart from the person that bought the license.


A downloaded RF image can be used by any number of individuals who acquire the rights to use them. This limitation means the agency does not license the images solely to any particular buyer. However, if any user wishes to have exclusive rights to any stock photo, he or she will have to secure a different license type. When stock image agencies claim to have exclusive Royalty Free Images, what they mean is the photos they are selling are unique to the organization. In other words, you can only find the stock pictures in their libraries and not any other site. The images are still available to any other buyer who may want to pay for them.


There is no limit to the time duration a purchaser can use the RF photos after paying the necessary fee. He or she enjoys the right to use them for as long as they wish. Usage of royalty free photography typically involves no time restrictions unless categorically specified by the agency licensing it.


Stock image royalty free license gives users rights to use the photos in any part of the world. There is no geographical restriction associated with Royalty Free pictures except when expressly stated by the RF image agency licensing it.

Multiple Use

RF license allows the buyer to use the photos in a broad range of usages including in digital or physical (prints), and various distribution forms. However, there are specific restrictions specified in the contracts. 

Royalty Free Photography: Rights and Restrictions

While Royalty Free License gives the user permission to use the best images many times, in some cases, it comes with restrictions. So, when shopping for quality royalty free pictures, it is advisable to pay close attention to the terms and conditions. This way, you can establish if the license sanctions using the images for commercial purposes, whether there are any limitations on the size of print allowed, and if using the images for resale items such as calendars, mugs, and mouse pads is permissible. So, engage your potential seller to ascertain their intentions before settling down on a specific license. Below are common restrictions and limitations every user of Stock Images should be aware of.

Common Limitations

• You cannot share the pictures with a network or with other users. Unless you obtain a subscription for several users, most Royalty free agencies prohibit sharing RF images and stock photos with other users. Consequently, you cannot transfer the pictures to third parties, say, as gifts

• You shouldn’t resell the images as they are. You acquire Royalty Free Photos and stock images to form part of your existing creative projects. So, distributing them as standalone products is illegal. You can, however, use as part of your integral design like banners or t-shorts.

• You cannot use stock photos in obscene ways. You shouldn’t use the royalty free images in any questionable projects. Examples of smutty projects are adult entertainment content and offensive creations.

• Combining RF images and stock illustrations with negative connotations is illegal particularly when the stock photo includes a property release or model. You shouldn’t also use them to showcase sensitive topics like health, religion, politics, and sexuality.

• Downloading and using stock images to endorse brands products or services is forbidden. Even using the best photos with models in such a manner that it appears as if they directly recommending the product is prohibited. 

• Using the stock photos as part of a logo or trademark is also illegal. You do not have exclusive rights to the image, and as such, you can’t register designs that contain them as your personal property.


Royalty Free Photography allows you to incorporate the best, high-resolution photos in your creative projects. RF images provide an affordable way to download and utilize your dream pictures to take your brand to the next level. With the above crucial details about the license, you have everything it takes to capitalize on stock images without breaching the contract thus hurting your business, paying hefty penalties among other undesirable eventualities. In addition to the info, ensure you read the license terms thoroughly to gain a deeper understanding of the particular conditions, restrictions and allowed usages. 

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